SE Radio 582: Leo Porter and Daniel Zingaro on Knowing to Program with LLMs: Software Application Engineering Radio

Dan Zingaro Leo Porter Dr. Leo Porter and Dr. Daniel Zingaro, co-authors of the book Discover AI-Assisted Python Shows, talk to host Jeremy Jung about teaching programs with the help of big language designs (LLMs). They go over composing a book to utilize in Leo’s initial CS class and check out how GitHub Copilot de-emphasizes syntax mistakes, decreases the requirement to remember APIs, and why they desire trainees to compose manual test cases. They likewise go over possible ethical issues of depending on business tools, their effect on coursework, and why they aren’t fretted about trainees cheating with LLMs.

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  1. Discover AI-Assisted Python Shows
  2. Leo Porter
  3. Daniel Zingaro
  4. GitHub Copilot

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